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Each and every wedding moment is one of a kind. I am feeling blessed every single time couples let me be part of their wedding stories.

My commitment is to be the storyteller while making my clients’ special day immortal over the course of time. I love paying attention to details and to anything that makes each wedding story unique.

1. Wedding Photography

2. Pre-Wedding Photography

3. Family & Pregnancy Photography


Video Gallery

The video making of couples’ wedding stories is of high importance. It stimulates all the senses. The visuals, the noises, the voices, the sounds, the actions of one of the most memorable days of your life become immortal letting you time travel and relive your wedding moment over and over again. The day goes so quickly and there are so many elements you do not get to see so it is lovely to be able to watch it all back. It’s nice to have those moving memories coming to life and being revived again.