may 07, 2022

Pregnancy Photo Shooting In Zurich

Sometime in the middle of a warm summer Panagiotis and Christina got married in Kavala and we were there to capture their wedding story. Then it was that all started. After a short period of time, Christina got pregnant. As soon as the news was spread, we got really excited. The couple invited me and my family in Zürich, where they live with their little daughter Daphne, in order to have a pregnancy photo shooting. We stayed at their home for a whole week and that was the beginning of a great friendship. We had a wonderful time in Switzerland and overall the trip was a unique experience. According to Panagiotis and Christina’s demand the pregnancy photo shooting took place at their home and its surroundings.

Firstly, I started capturing some sweet moments inside their bedroom. Afterwards we moved towards the rest house and the balcony. During that part of the photo shooting, we chose for Christina a white oversized shirt and black pregnancy underwear as her outfit. A great combination that can lead to a very natural and minimal photographic result. Then the couple changed to a casual but modern outfit and we used as our setting some other parts of the building where their home is. But the most stunning moments were captured at the rooftop. The sky above us, its colors and shapes, the pool and the cool breeze were enchanting. All in all, the aesthetics of the photo shooting location and the experience we had there rocked.  

Getting to know better the couples I work with and organizing such trips with them can lead, professionally speaking, to awesome projects. We are open to any creatively crazy idea you have on your mind. After all, traveling can always break new ground and it is our pleasure as photographers to explore it. 

Ioannis Magdalasidis

Ioannis Magdalasidis

A Greek photographer who loves travelling in a world full of unexpected experiences, always in search of unique moments, and willing to create unforgettable memories for the couples that he works with.