june 20, 2022

Wedding Album: Is it important?

In a digital age, in which everything printed seems outdated, it is time to reassess the situation. The digital form of products, such as photographs, is vital in a technological world and has made our lives easier and more practical. Nevertheless, the time value of printed is indisputable.

Print emerges more senses. Paper thickness, quality, texture and scent all make print a sensational experience which is by far more precious. Regarding our work, as wedding photographers, the creation of a printed album for your wedding story is highly important.

The setting up of your wedding album is our first and foremost concern. It is a handcrafted procedure during which we create custom results for each and every married couple. A photo album tells your wedding story and we -photographers- are the storytellers. The wedding album includes all the moments of your wedding day, from the groom and bride preparation to the wedding party. Having a day after shooting can offer some awesome photos for this artifact as well.

It matters to us to work with fine art materials and thanks to our partnership with PROLAB, we have managed to deliver handmade wedding albums of high quality and design. The Prolab team is a very cooperative one and willing to satisfy its customers’ needs in every possible way. The company has a great collection of paper, covers and boxes to choose between for your wedding album. So be wise with your choices and creative!

There is a famous quote that says “Do not judge a book from its cover”. Well, this is not the case here. The packaging of a wedding album and its inside are equally important to us. Our Photography Studio offers an alternative handcrafted packaging which is made of sustainable materials. We use aged vintage paper for covering the album and Jute twine for its wrapping.

The wedding album’s vintage look is finalised with the use of candle wax for sealing the package. Packaging not only protects the product but also gives the album a special touch of simplicity and style at the same time. Overall, it constitutes a premium service which is perfect for vintage lovers and seekers of reliving the old times. 

Ioannis Magdalasidis

Ioannis Magdalasidis

A Greek photographer who loves travelling in a world full of unexpected experiences, always in search of unique moments, and willing to create unforgettable memories for the couples that he works with.