AUGUST 05, 2022

Destination Wedding: Is it a worth exploring concept?

As destination weddings become more and more common nowadays, it’s time to have a good look at this concept. A destination wedding offers a couple the opportunity to exchange their vows somewhere away from their hometown. The choice of the location depends on what the couple is dreaming of. Sometimes getting out of your comfort zone and your routine may be liberating. Keep that in mind and start organising your elopement. 

Are you bored of outdated ceremonies and in a need of change? Instead of having a traditional wedding, make a difference and elope with your beloved one. A breathtaking setting longs for hosting your love. And don’t worry about the guests. Your closest friends and family will be by your side, so don’t feel afraid of keeping it small and intimate.

Your destination wedding can also create the most beautiful collection of unique wedding photos. I love traveling with couples and capturing the time of their lives, since being part of an elopement wedding is a one of a kind experience for a photographer. Working anywhere in the world can make our job as much creative as it gets.  

A destination wedding could be considered a vacation as well. By combining your wedding moment with traveling  is going to offer you a relief from all the stress you may carry due to your upcoming special day. 

If you are a wanderlust and a hopeless romantic, you should opt for an elopement for sure. Start the adventure by arranging your own destination wedding and live this day in the most possible extraordinary way! 

Ioannis Magdalasidis

Ioannis Magdalasidis

A Greek photographer who loves travelling in a world full of unexpected experiences, always in search of unique moments, and willing to create unforgettable memories for the couples that he works with.