may 07, 2022

A Pampas Grass Wedding

We, as photographers, are the storytellers of a wedding moment. Our duty is to make wedding stories immortal over the course of time. But it is time to give credits to another kind of wedding professionals, the wedding planners.

Here comes the Lovish Events team with whom we had a great collaboration. The manager of the wedding planning services, Euterpe, is a wonderful hard-working person full of imaginative and creative ideas. 

Being the event coordinators, Lovish team was responsible for organizing and managing every aspect of the wedding. As this day is a very busy and stressful one for the couple, wedding planners are of vital importance. Euterpe and her partners were excellent professionals with great time management and team spirit. Wedding decoration details constitutes the baseline of the event’s quality. It is of high importance to devote some of your time in order to make the right decisions. It is the little things that make big things happen. Pay close attention to the details and greatness will come.

The decoration theme of Athenodoros and Georgia’s wedding consists of pampas grass and a palette of earthy colors and textures. Pampas grass has become a trend for summer weddings and more and more couples tend to choose this flowering plant thus creating the touch of exoticism and elegance they are looking for their wedding. Taste and aesthetics are a state of mind, so be faithful to yours. However, find the wedding planning professionals that suit your needs and desires and benefit from the knowledge and the guidance they could offer to you. There are neither boundaries to imagination nor rules in being creative.

Ioannis Magdalasidis

Ioannis Magdalasidis

A Greek photographer who loves travelling in a world full of unexpected experiences, always in search of unique moments, and willing to create unforgettable memories for the couples that he works with.